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Vic Jasin
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This project are the kind of things SENVI supports and is mean't to promote. As the founder of SENVI I say on behalf of SENVI Kudos to Billy Ethridge and the benevolent and innovative scientific project he and a team of esteemed individuals have begun. We wish you well and look forward to seeing more about the Center in the future. The list of the folks involved are on the PDF. Please support this effort and follow it as it may be something a community near you can/could use or do. Vic Jasin

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Billy Ethridge
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What am I, the other two directors of Center of the Brain (COTB) seeking?

~ To create a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization for the rehabilitation of severely injured people (including those with Strokes and Traumatic Brain Injuries)

~ To generate authentically "disruptive" research in order to expedite the diagnosis of severe brain injuries, and to develop & deploy that research.

~ With San Diego as the initial hub for treatment and research, we intend to build a facility which will serve as a worldwide destination for COTB.

~ Why TCOB? Aren't many excellent organizations and networks available? Indeed they are, as these examples demonstrate. For sheer neurological data, http/ TBI, http/ Stroke, http/ Et al. Each of these organizations is focused on a different aspect of brain injury (family participation, political change, medication, etc.):

***We are developing a riveting focus on immediate help for the person having the severe brain injury including timely, evidence-based rehabilitation, ongoing healing, and access to the latest research. If and when the person's insurance has expired, our intent is to provide care at no-charge.***

We already have a superb group of MDs, Rehabiltation Therapists, Economists & Financiers, Business Executives, Filmmakers, Musicians and others who have said they will be on our Advisory Team.

What we are now doing is simply asking those who want to be involved, however little or large, to donate whatever amount they choose. $10, $100, $250, or other. Your donation can be public or private. See: http/

If you want to know more, you can email, skype or call me:

William "Billy" N. Ethridge

Skype: billy.ethridge

Call: 760-632-1820

San Diego, CA, USA


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Billy Ethridge
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Thanks, Vic. We have a very strong team to start "Center of the Brain", a forthcoming 501(c)3 organization for those who have experienced serious or acute brain injuries, including TBI and Stroke. Donations from $1 up are welcome. Questions? Facebook message or email me. -- or skype at billy.ethridge.

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Billy Ethridge
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Hello, my friends! The real world structure of "Center of the Brain" is approaching, and we -- Jim Chodzko, Sherry Watson, and me (Billy Ethridge), the three members of the Board of Directors -- seek your financial support. By "support" I simply mean a donation (via debit or credit card), however small or large a contribution. Referrals to Center of the Brain are also needed and valued. We already have informal commitments of several brilliant, accomplished, and passionate scientists, rehabilitation specialists, artists, musicians, filmmakers and athletes who have clearly expressed their interest in participating as advisors to the Center. How many of us know at least one person in our family or among our friends who has experienced a traumatic brain injury or stroke? Will you join us by making a donation to Center of the Brain at

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