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Posted by Vic Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:52 AM

I have been around to a number of well known philanthropic sites. I have seen many social entrepreneurial sites. And I have seen many NGO sites that are of a humanitarian mission.


One thing that I know is not the same on other places is Vic Jasin. I am your host, not your boss, not your president, not even the owner of the place even though I am. When my enthusiasm and passion for this idea dies down it will be time to replace me. And if Aubrey and Randal have anything to do with it, that could be a long time.


This site will have personality. No policies, rules and dogma. The only RULEs are those that make sense administratively and which the collective membership are in agreement. No politics, no religion, no philosophy BEYOND a dream and ambition for a moneyless society by its founder. That will always be part of the personality of SENVI as long as I'm around.


I want to balance SENVI. We need engineers, chemists, administrators, scientists, economists, academics etc etc. The 10 categories are MY idea of the thought that needs to go into planning for the future. Within those categories we need expertise. Within those categories we need to derive some relevance for a real world model that uses the latest information available to its members.


MY goal and hopefully the communities goal, is to create a sense of cohesion and pride of group over any one self. The synergism of talented experts is our best hope for ideas and solutions for our future. At least that is how I feel in my passionate crusade to form such a knowledge trust.


I hope to get to know each member personally. That is MY best way to serve this community as it's host and founder. Introductions and finding common links in the obscurity of personal detail are my goal. To invite talent that the community wants to join us and make no apologies for wanting a certain standard in the profiles for the community. The profiles of people in SENVI are the profiles of those who will be leading change into the future. That is my goal and dream for SENVI.


Vic Jasin born (Viktoras Lucius Gintaras Jasinskas) to Lithuanian parents in the country of Canada

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