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Occupy mobs can become active organised action committees if someone wants to put up a few tents.

Posted by Vic Jasin on October 9, 2011 at 2:40 AM

Something to ponder/consider and to pass around to those already involved in the Occupation crews and those still in planning stage. This is something the people can do without the need for outside intervention:

Set up camps in the occupation crews/mobs with tents for discussion, debate and as command centers for info and press releases. The idea is to make it a "working" occupation. The various tents/camps can be topically organised as Economy, Banking, Health care, Democracy/Politics, Social Benefits, Capitalism or any other set up funnelling organised thought.

This could turn the occupations into a carnival like atmosphere where people float around to various tents for info and input as they would a trade show or convention. Those tents/organisers use Google Docs as a common shared workspace to produce a Manifesto (proposed changes) and use that to create individual petitions, referendums and formal applications for legislative change put to a referendum not the tradition representational democracy that we have. That way we have direct democracy on key issues that can be identified and proposed by working groups throughout north America. The others can become advisors and mentors for those on site. We have access in as much as access viewing so we can organise authoritative and sound advisory support to be phoned in, online, involved in the workspace.

The idea is to consolidate the various manifesto's and various petitions into regional, local and national planning toward required procedural and legislative reform. The direct democracy can make turn around very short (weeks not months).

This format would bring out the best in everyone, make it a historically significant event and come away proud to know that solutions were proposed and actions are planned and a new support network of advisors can be taken back to everyone's respective communities and introduced as part of any local initiatives proposed in the "Knowledge Camps".

I have the idea to invite Google to help and Apple to help and others who can supply tents and logistics equipment that are NOT part of the "establishment" most despised by the protesters. That is we don't want corporate sponsors who are part of the problem. I think this can take on a carnival like atmosphere with positive progress that can be tracked daily. I personally feel that a whole host of new ideas and solutions will cascade from the discussions. This can be like the days when the founding fathers sat in tents and came up with the constitution. The same thing can happen again. No need for cops battling protesters. If we set up a group like the above, that would tend to be self policing imo toward non violence and disruption. Both would be self defeating to any action groups.

Yes there will be conflict from the loud and noisy anarchists but that doesn't need to be the tone and profile of the entire event. Those noisy anarchists need to be deflected and subdued to make way for constructive debate and progress. In the end the rational logic of those intentions I feel will prevail over any anarchy and disruption. At least we better plan for it (to accommodate the rage and confront crowd and agitators). Those agitators will be there, so it best be part of the logistical planning for security and order and should not need a police force outside of those already in the group/mob (self policing). If we catch the mood SOON and direct it accordingly I feel we will avoid the prospect of growing rage and the growing likelihood for conflict. The lack of media at this time is a good thing as those who are most likely to be caught on camera are the angry rage filled anarchist profile. We can organise and moderate imo. At least we should try and if you have a better idea than the above, it's time to make that known.

You are welcome to share this (cut and paste) as needed without attribution.

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