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Update on member activities

Posted by Vic Jasin on August 16, 2011 at 1:05 AM

We have a number of projects being discussed. Members interested in the following should contact Vic Jasin

city planning model software

print digitizing

intentional communities

audio digitizing (audiobooks)

help on coding for a social enterprise applicaton. Project (only those who can commit to a sizeable block of coding)

All the above are intended to have SENVI community volunteer inputs and revenues will be SENVI trust capital (which all collective members own). Those are suggestions.

Any member with a project or existing commercial enterprise which can use help should contact Vic Jasin. We will get the expertise you need within SENVI and voluntarily (pro bono) whenever possible. I will find those interested in doing what is needed. 

Those who are free to provide a service please let me know. Those who commercially offer services, let me know. Those NEEDING services let me know. Those who have read this message, let me know.

Vic Jasin

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