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Consider this - how to use SENVI

Posted by Vic Jasin on July 25, 2011 at 1:44 AM

Giving all members administrative security clearance does not mean you are expected to start taking on admin responsibilities. You have FULL access to all I do, and whether you use it, or have others produce things on your behalf, is a personal choice. If you have content you want on and want help doing it then ask me and I'll help myself or find someone who will.

Please, don't let you not having time or a comfort for using site features keep you from asking for help and simply asking questions on how to use what we have as it pertains to your personal circumstances.

I record my outgoing calls by default as well as all Skype calls. The purpose of recording calls is for historical reasons, reference (now you can do searches on audio), and even fully accessible to members to listen to. Consider if you would like to have conversations of yours, or others available to other members to listen to. Call content is the property of the members recorded and I will go on record here as saying I waive all my rights to any recordings with my voice and/or image on it in favour of the other party on the audio/video if and when such things are done.

I do NOT speak on behalf of SENVI. No ONE does, but we ALL do.

I will refrain from making statements in the future about SENVI except to report facts, actions and/or events. Opinion, if and when expressed, is my own.

I expect it to take about 90 days (2 more months) to get up to speed on optimally using features, and get everyone plugged into a support group of interested community volunteers. I (Vic Jasin) will do that.

Wait for your call if you don't have a clue on how to proceed OR better yet YOU call me if you need to, and without hesitation. I welcome all calls and not as a duty, but as a joy and pleasure of meeting you folks and helping solve your problems in trying to solve others problems.

If you could have your own DREAM TEAM to work with, who would they be (anyone living on this planet at this time), for what purpose and when? Let me know and I'll help you get them in SENVI as your center for collaboration of your DREAM TEAM. I can't guarantee we will get everyone you suggest, but I will surely try my best.

Vic Jasin

519 657-4286 (any time after 3pm and no later than 3am, GMT-5hrs a.k.a. EST)

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