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Why join SENVI?

Posted by Vic Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:55 AM

Why join SENVI?


For members who are reading this, you are welcome to cut and paste this. A link back (url), won't work as this blog is member accessible only.


If you have been invited it was for a reason. The reason is someone thought you had qualities that would complement the community.


As a member the SENVI host (at this time Vic Jasin), will get to know more about each member personally and find out where and how we can be of assistance. What are you interested in sharing or doing for the community? No questionnaires.


We may have celebrities from time to time, but we are private because we are a functional site not a fraternity recruiting for membership. That means we are here for the members. For it to be more than just an idea it will take interaction. SENVI will initiate the interaction and seek to learn where and when we could be of assistance as a community with varied knowledge resources. We can open up as much of this site in whatever way the members choose. There is no set plan.


The initial communication is intended to be a simple and easy way to introduce yourself through a SENVI admin (Vic Jasin) to facilitate introductions and cross discipline sharing. Once SENVI knows it's membership its membership can get to know each other in the simplest path of least resistance method geared to personal need.


You have a team of problem solvers available. You have an ability to use and affect all the major social networks in a safe private community. As a community designed as a collective, no one person has advantage over another.


Our featured members are as a community should be. The leadership in innovation in various fields are those whose lives and purpose is to find answers for our future. We work to support them. Their success is the success SENVI seeks. We win when any of our members win but in particular the work of the featured members.


This translates differently for each member. There is no monetary value to what we do. It's priceless. What is having access to the most innovative minds on the planet worth?


The goal is to make this place as much like a small town community personality as possible. It might be that SENVI could potentially build a town and we could become physical neighbours some day.


Until then we are neighbours in a virtual reality, and in our thoughts and feelings toward one another. SENVI is a refuge not an additional complexity. When you can see it this way, you will have the vision I have for SENVI as its founder.

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