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Status SENVI site JULY 4/11

Posted by Vic Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:50 AM

New features installed:

Job posting board

Expert search database

Cell phone platform

Clicky tracking, security and audit

Avatar site pal which has a LOT of features and can become a very useful tool for "how to" type help, tours and specialty uses not yet thought of.

The arcade feature I originally had had bugs and the company withdrew its support so it's history and won't be coming back.

As we explore the features and start using them we will better understand the full integrated power of this site. It is a very good example of innovation as in low cost progressive new features and technology. We are getting a 90day free trial for search optimization. I won't be going beyond the 90 days as I am not interested in promoting this site any more. It will be built by word of mouth and community members inviting those they want as part of their community.

This is not a place for meetings and bureaucracy more like a resource lounge, and I'm and expert in lounging I assure you.

Anyone who is a member has access to all the features that are not admin features. Admin features are: configuring options, changing site lay out, doing database maintenance, security and access, content admin. As members you have access to everything else I believe. If anyone has ideas on anything else useful please drop a note using the contact us tab on your screen.

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