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Posted by Vic Jasin on March 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM

PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: a pathological deviation from normal or efficient behavior; psychosis.


We don't allow it in our communities why are we allowing it on the world stage by the consensus of a FEW. Pre-emptive strike talk has made this out of control and unconditional support of such conditions makes me not able to find compatability in thought and philosophy with such a stand/position. I respectfully want to make it known I am in FULL DISagreement with Israel's unconditional support and feel ALL sides must find mechanisms/process to de-escalate and retreat to act rationally again.


I suggest....a petition for a referendum on the issues and as such initially a petition for an immediate moritorium on all militry actions and planning and for us all to come to some less lethal status. We are playing with WMD's and I didn't authorise their use did you? Who makes such decisions on our behalf and what are THIER interests and motivations???? PETITIONS and REFERENDUM are simple and legal processes, getting behind them in numbers not so simple. There is an official page at the Whitehouse site for OFFICIALLY registering a petition. This IS doable, no need for process through a represenational system with mixed views and motivations. There is no time for dispute and contradiction while WMD are used, considered or even armed/available as the GLOBE will pay the consequences and I feel it very arrogant of a few to feel they speak for all of humanity. This can be and must be stopped.!/petition/create


ANY issue/policy/choices before Congress and Senate can be fast tracked/bypassed with a petition and supporting referendum on the choices to overturn or modify, regardless of how it sits now in politics and processes in place. To move we HAVE the process just no one seems to know how much power we HAVE right NOW and without any revolutions or civil wars, but by exercising our DIRECT democratic right which is TRUE democracy imo.

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