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The bind of creating a change

Posted by Yissar Lior Israeli on November 21, 2011 at 4:20 AM


Over the last weekend I attended 2 conferences in NY, one was Contact (which was a great event) followed by MetaCurrency project meeting.


In both events attended a representative from OWS.

He’s been living there for the last 3 weeks and wanted to see if and how the ideas presented at the 2 conferences can help or be integrated with the OWS cause.

He shared some of his experience but to our great surprise said that his biggest problem at the moment is getting sleep!

Apparently some people are taking advantage of the freedom and openness of the OWS movement.

Homeless people, junkies and others are coming over, taking blankets, eating the food, harassing the occupiers, disturbing the peace and sleep and also interfering with the ongoing discussion and voting processes.


The bind is that the group declares openness, transparency and freedom as some of its principal of operations and decline to use any known methods of enforcing order and by that (in their view) accepting the system rules to which they object to.


I should say at this point that I support qualitative change and I would like to see OWS creating one.


Can it be that a qualitative change cannot be achieved without some quantitative one?


My view is that such a change demands a different ecology of mind, hopefully OWS and other movements would help facilitate such a change.

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