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S.E.N.V.I. (Social & Economic New Visions Incubator)


To provide a hub for all aspects of positive future change compatible with a cooperative presence among peers and other members and which does not encourage or approve of the use of violence. This hub will not support any encouragement or endorsement for civil disobedience.The top 100 innovators in various fields (as determined by SENVI criteria)  will be invited by SENVI and when the interest is mutual we will provide the presence at no cost to the featured members.





  • To provide a central source of new ideas and new discussion.
  • To provide current data related to any and all change, even outside of social and economic topic areas.
  • To become a source for news about change.
  • To become a preferred area for networking and collaboration on various change related matters and events.
  • To find solutions for famine, disease, poverty, pain and suffering for those in need.
  • To teach and encourage a sharing of progressive ideas, research and discussions.
  • To provide a central listing for all membership who wish to promote their products, services and memberships as well as those seeking collaboration for projects and events.

SENVI is a not for profit organization and virtual space for progressive ideas and people to network and collaborate on projects involved in change and improvement to society. Input is encouraged and format and feature recommendations are welcomed.


Vic Jasin

S.E.N.V.I. Founder