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Observations: On The Concept of Ownership

Posted by Lorraine Luntsford on July 1, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Let's face it.  It feels good to "own" things.  From pretty pieces of jewelry, to land, cars, and unfortunately for some people, even other people.  It makes us feel important, well off, even powerful.  The concepts of entitlement and ownership are learned at a very young age, say about 2 or 3.  The idea of ownership is a very powerful one.  Even in small children.  Let's explore why...



At that age, we are just learning to express ourselves.  We learned about ownership first by hearing others talk about their things, and when someone gave us something and told us it's ours, and when someone took something away from us only to be told to give it back because "it's not theirs".


These experiences cause the child to feel they have some significance in this vast new world of theirs.  They feel important like a grown up.  They see their parents and want to be like them.  They are starting to discover their own individuality.. that they are their own persons.


This idea is so powerful that children are often disinclined to share with others, so the parent must instill the virtue of sharing within the child.  It may be that the child is afraid of losing an imagined status or a sense of self importance in giving HIS property to another child, hence giving away their place in a sense, even if only temporarily, that they now feel entitled to.  As the child grows older the desire to be like their parents shifts to a desire to be like their peers (thus begins the notion of 'keeping up with the Joneses').  It's just a perception, but it's a very strong one and it stays with us.


To "own" something is to be able to use that thing exclusively and to be able to do what you want with it.  For grown ups, ownership reflects ones status as a free and independent person.  After all, slaves were denied ownership of anything - including their own children.  They themselves were property.  People who are denied ownership rights are generally viewed as lesser beings.  Women for example, were once restricted from being able to own certain things in their own right (and this is still the case today in some countries) such as property inheritance, owning a business, and even their own dowries.  They were viewed as second class citizens, only slightly higher on the totem pole than slaves, and technically 'owned' by their husbands.


So, these are the reasons why the concept of personal ownership is so important to people in our civilization.  It is why people defend this concept so vehemently.  All purely psychological reasons.  For in a full blown resource-based economic society, there really is no concept of personal 'ownership' and this alone scares people away from it.  But what most don't understand is that although personal ownership wouldn't exist, one would still have the entitlement to the things they acquire through the community just for being a functional part of that community.  In fact there is so much abundance in this world (the only thing truly scarce now is money) that we've made that the concept would be rendered meaningless on it's own.


The definition of 'entitlement' is basically to furnish one with a right or claim to something.  Therefore it is something bestowed by some higher authority such as a parent, employer, or government.  In the case of a resource-based economy, entitlement is bestowed by the community itself.  So even though you wouldn't "own" the home you live in or the car you drive, no one else would have the right to move in or drive off while you have a claim on it.


In closing, reality is that we don't really own anything in this world.  We cannot take our personal possessions with us when we die.  Technically, everything we have is merely borrowed for a time and CAN be taken away from us by a strong enough power in spite of our 'ownership rights'. Ownership is an illusion.  Just one of the many illusions in which we put faith in our civilization. We may have claims on things and take responsibility for them, but we don't really "own" them.  It's really a rather liberating thought in a way.  Instead of viewing it as not being able to own anything, I view it as not having to.

It's Time To Wake Up!

Posted by Lorraine Luntsford on July 1, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare


The alarm has been going off for a while now, but nobody seems to be paying attention.  The world is in chaos and it is a chaos largely of our own making.. directly or indirectly.


We’ve got financial systems threatening to collapse in the U.S and all over Europe, political protests against oppressive governments in the Middle East, protests against the 1% who have all the financial power and influence over much of the world, not to mention threats of terrorism on a global scale, the increasing # of natural disasters putting more stress on already stressed-out economies, the threat of nuclear warfare by Iran against the U.S and Israel, erratic and more intense weather patterns, the increased rate of melting ice caps (whether you believe in global warming or not, there’s no denying we are in the midst of a climate change and need to address it), mass unemployment, peoples homes being foreclosed on, etc, etc…

We need to put a stop to this insanity, and the best way to start is by realizing this whole “reality” is an illusion, and not the only reality possible.  All the world is a stage, and we the actors in a completely improvised play.. and we can change the set and props to to suit our needs in this play and we have done so many many times over the ages.  But we've never changed the play!  We're still putting on the same program.. the same story, and it's high time for a new one.  And finally.. for the first time in the history of mankind as we know it, we CAN change the play.. with better props, better choreography and actors with greater freedom of expression thus expanding their creativity.

The fact is, the system most successfully used by mankind and allowed us to survive and even thrive for hundreds of thousands of years is Tribalism.  And those tribal cultures that still exist untouched.. left alone by us are still thriving.  Theirs is a different vision.. a different play.  It wasn’t until about 10,000 years ago or so that some culture started to settle in one place and create ‘civilization’ by exploiting the land and people within.


This system… this machine that we try to live in so persistently is NOT ordained by God or nature, yet it is defended and upheld as vehemently as if this were exactly so.  It was the invention of some cultures in the distant past for the purpose of convenience in a world full of scarcity.  Actually, there have been several tries at civilization that eventually failed  – we can still see their ruins today.  Ours is the only one, for whatever reason, that continued on, that expanded, until we have the world we live in today, but our civilization (which at this point is pretty much global) is not immune.  It too, can crumble and at the rate we're going, it's just a matter of when.


Most people think of tribal people as ‘poor’.  But this in fact is not true.  They are just not technologically advanced.  There is a difference. They may be primitive, but not ‘poor’.  The concepts of rich and poor belong to civilization and do not exist in tribalism.  That’s because tribal cultures are not hierarchical.  They may have a leader, a warrior class and a medicine or holy man, and these people may be granted a certain status within the tribe, but no one is considered more or less important than anyone else.  Food and resources are all shared equally, and in general they don’t take more than they need, both from each other or from their environment.  What makes this possible is that their idea of success is not dependent upon monetary gain or profit, so there is no incentive for exploitation.


In civilization however, the only way to designate status and personal importance is according to who has the most money.  Not only that, but the only way to obtain the things we want and need is by having the money to buy them.  In civilization, money is power.  It gives people individual purchasing power and can give a person, or group of people, power over those with less.  It is because of this system that we have rich vs poor, extravagance vs destitution, and even the vast majority of our crime.  Almost all crimes are committed either for greed, jealousy, or the need for money for basic resources.


But we cannot just go back to tribalism.  Our civilization is too large.  At least, not tribalism as it has been. What if we could come up with a hybrid?  A technologically advanced society that doesn’t use currency, doesn’t have hierarchies, where everyone contributes in some way, and everything is freely available to all.  Sounds like Utopia, but really it wouldn’t be.  Total perfection is impossible and not the goal.  The goal is simply a much better, more meaningful and fulfilling life in just about every way. And such a system has in fact, been thought of.. the Resource-Based Economy idea.


It is our deep need for money that causes us to think in self-serving ways, feeds our greed, and increases our capacity for hypocrisy and deceit.  Money-systems are designed so that people must put themselves first, fostering selfish attitudes, and holding us back from doing things we know to be right and good.  And because money can be turned into anything (such is its power), some people would be willing to do anything to obtain it (kill, lie, cheat, steal, use people, even happily enslaving ourselves to our employers, etc, etc).  Money has become a resource in and of itself, and at this point in time, it is the only resource left that is truly scarce to all..from individuals to entire nations... but a very very few.


Ironically, this system is the reason civilization was able to advance as fast as it did, especially after the Industrial Revolution.  But the reason for the need and use for money (scarcity and lack of transportation) no longer applies.  The world we have made is in fact FULL of abundance.  And we’ve solved the problem of transportation through technology, which could be vastly improved upon if only there wasn’t the hindrance of cost.  So many advancements in so many areas are delayed or dropped altogether because of expense or unprofitability.  If a corporation cannot put a patent on it, it's not going to happen.


Given these facts, it’s easy to see that the very system that propelled us forward, is now holding us back.  It is obsolete.  We have the power, the technology, and the ingenuity to create a better system and thus a better world.  All we need now is for everyone to wake up, and believe it is possible.  And that’s the hardest part.


Posted by Victor Jasin on March 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (2)

PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: a pathological deviation from normal or efficient behavior; psychosis.


We don't allow it in our communities why are we allowing it on the world stage by the consensus of a FEW. Pre-emptive strike talk has made this out of control and unconditional support of such conditions makes me not able to find compatability in thought and philosophy with such a stand/position. I respectfully want to make it known I am in FULL DISagreement with Israel's unconditional support and feel ALL sides must find mechanisms/process to de-escalate and retreat to act rationally again.


I suggest....a petition for a referendum on the issues and as such initially a petition for an immediate moritorium on all militry actions and planning and for us all to come to some less lethal status. We are playing with WMD's and I didn't authorise their use did you? Who makes such decisions on our behalf and what are THIER interests and motivations???? PETITIONS and REFERENDUM are simple and legal processes, getting behind them in numbers not so simple. There is an official page at the Whitehouse site for OFFICIALLY registering a petition. This IS doable, no need for process through a represenational system with mixed views and motivations. There is no time for dispute and contradiction while WMD are used, considered or even armed/available as the GLOBE will pay the consequences and I feel it very arrogant of a few to feel they speak for all of humanity. This can be and must be stopped.!/petition/create


ANY issue/policy/choices before Congress and Senate can be fast tracked/bypassed with a petition and supporting referendum on the choices to overturn or modify, regardless of how it sits now in politics and processes in place. To move we HAVE the process just no one seems to know how much power we HAVE right NOW and without any revolutions or civil wars, but by exercising our DIRECT democratic right which is TRUE democracy imo.

The bind of creating a change

Posted by Yissar Lior Israeli on November 21, 2011 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (5)


Over the last weekend I attended 2 conferences in NY, one was Contact (which was a great event) followed by MetaCurrency project meeting.


In both events attended a representative from OWS.

He’s been living there for the last 3 weeks and wanted to see if and how the ideas presented at the 2 conferences can help or be integrated with the OWS cause.

He shared some of his experience but to our great surprise said that his biggest problem at the moment is getting sleep!

Apparently some people are taking advantage of the freedom and openness of the OWS movement.

Homeless people, junkies and others are coming over, taking blankets, eating the food, harassing the occupiers, disturbing the peace and sleep and also interfering with the ongoing discussion and voting processes.


The bind is that the group declares openness, transparency and freedom as some of its principal of operations and decline to use any known methods of enforcing order and by that (in their view) accepting the system rules to which they object to.


I should say at this point that I support qualitative change and I would like to see OWS creating one.


Can it be that a qualitative change cannot be achieved without some quantitative one?


My view is that such a change demands a different ecology of mind, hopefully OWS and other movements would help facilitate such a change.

Occupy London ON GA meeting tonight

Posted by Victor Jasin on November 11, 2011 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (1)

The London ON GA is at 6pm at Victoria Park on 11/11 to find solutions and direction. I will be there. Hope to see you there. Vic Jasin

Global Wealth Report for 2011

Posted by Victor Jasin on October 24, 2011 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Global Wealth Report for 2011 by Credit Suisse Research and the worlds foremost experts. Worth a peak imo. Vic

Occupy mobs can become active organised action committees if someone wants to put up a few tents.

Posted by Victor Jasin on October 9, 2011 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Something to ponder/consider and to pass around to those already involved in the Occupation crews and those still in planning stage. This is something the people can do without the need for outside intervention:

Set up camps in the occupation crews/mobs with tents for discussion, debate and as command centers for info and press releases. The idea is to make it a "working" occupation. The various tents/camps can be topically organised as Economy, Banking, Health care, Democracy/Politics, Social Benefits, Capitalism or any other set up funnelling organised thought.

This could turn the occupations into a carnival like atmosphere where people float around to various tents for info and input as they would a trade show or convention. Those tents/organisers use Google Docs as a common shared workspace to produce a Manifesto (proposed changes) and use that to create individual petitions, referendums and formal applications for legislative change put to a referendum not the tradition representational democracy that we have. That way we have direct democracy on key issues that can be identified and proposed by working groups throughout north America. The others can become advisors and mentors for those on site. We have access in as much as access viewing so we can organise authoritative and sound advisory support to be phoned in, online, involved in the workspace.

The idea is to consolidate the various manifesto's and various petitions into regional, local and national planning toward required procedural and legislative reform. The direct democracy can make turn around very short (weeks not months).

This format would bring out the best in everyone, make it a historically significant event and come away proud to know that solutions were proposed and actions are planned and a new support network of advisors can be taken back to everyone's respective communities and introduced as part of any local initiatives proposed in the "Knowledge Camps".

I have the idea to invite Google to help and Apple to help and others who can supply tents and logistics equipment that are NOT part of the "establishment" most despised by the protesters. That is we don't want corporate sponsors who are part of the problem. I think this can take on a carnival like atmosphere with positive progress that can be tracked daily. I personally feel that a whole host of new ideas and solutions will cascade from the discussions. This can be like the days when the founding fathers sat in tents and came up with the constitution. The same thing can happen again. No need for cops battling protesters. If we set up a group like the above, that would tend to be self policing imo toward non violence and disruption. Both would be self defeating to any action groups.

Yes there will be conflict from the loud and noisy anarchists but that doesn't need to be the tone and profile of the entire event. Those noisy anarchists need to be deflected and subdued to make way for constructive debate and progress. In the end the rational logic of those intentions I feel will prevail over any anarchy and disruption. At least we better plan for it (to accommodate the rage and confront crowd and agitators). Those agitators will be there, so it best be part of the logistical planning for security and order and should not need a police force outside of those already in the group/mob (self policing). If we catch the mood SOON and direct it accordingly I feel we will avoid the prospect of growing rage and the growing likelihood for conflict. The lack of media at this time is a good thing as those who are most likely to be caught on camera are the angry rage filled anarchist profile. We can organise and moderate imo. At least we should try and if you have a better idea than the above, it's time to make that known.

You are welcome to share this (cut and paste) as needed without attribution.

The Zeitgiest Movement: Response to "Occupy Wall Street"

Posted by Victor Jasin on September 29, 2011 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)


This movement has local members throughout Ontario and is leading the way for social and economic reforms. If you have never heard of names like Jacque Fresco, The Venus Project. (TVP), The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM), this is a must read.

Prepare, plan or risk perishing; A current reality.

Posted by Victor Jasin on September 24, 2011 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This is some serious information to consider if you haven't already. Over-reaction? You decide." target="_blank">http://

Film makers/ScreenWriters will you lend me an ear?

Posted by JeanMarie Zubia on September 13, 2011 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi Everyone! Well I wanted to share some news in regards to my film project "Dolphin Skin" - which can be viewed at :

Seems that there's a Warner Brothers Film out called "A Dolphin Tale" I have two differing opinions from two screen writer friends on how this Warner Brothers movie will affect my chances of getting production support for my script - "Dolphin Skin" Here is the pro and con argument.

What say you of film savvy background (or just chime in)?


CON says:  Sorry


The stories aren't "close"  but they are close enough in pure concept that if someone looked at your script they'd say, "Oh, a 3D dolphin movie? We've seen that."


On to the next script.


PRO Says:


If I'm right about your script being substantially different, and Dolphin Tale does well, then this could work in your favor, because you can say yours is like Dolphin Tale but... (insert clever description of what makes yours unique).

Banks are not evil, people are

Posted by Yissar Lior Israeli on September 7, 2011 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (2)

There is a long ongoing discussion about the financial systems which gained even more momentum following the recent financial crisis (AKA credit crunch).

Many voices are being heard, almost all throwing terms and slogans arguing their perspective to be the ultimate one, fast to show the errors of other perspectives.

Socialism, Capitalism (neo-liberal or other), free market, taxes, risk, leveraging, hedging are just a tip of the iceberg.

Many of the arguments are directed at the system (x or y), the Banks, the government, the corporate, even certain technologies are to be blame.

I observe all these arguments with sheer amazement.


Since the beginning of humanity it was all about the human nature and never the tools.

Once human created a club to hunt a mammoth, the same club was used to hit a neighbour or a potential mate.

In my view not much has changed since then.

We have much more complex and effective tools which allows for much greater effect (positive or negative).

Capitalism and socialism are not bad ideologies, nor the Banks evil,

it is human nature that drives people to be irresponsible, take un-necessary risks, value money above well being and in general behaving in a manner that is beyond and ethical standard of being.

As long as people will not take responsibility and will not hold themselves to a higher code of conduct, problems and crises will follow.


Update on member activities

Posted by Victor Jasin on August 16, 2011 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (1)

We have a number of projects being discussed. Members interested in the following should contact Vic Jasin

city planning model software

print digitizing

intentional communities

audio digitizing (audiobooks)

help on coding for a social enterprise applicaton. Project (only those who can commit to a sizeable block of coding)

All the above are intended to have SENVI community volunteer inputs and revenues will be SENVI trust capital (which all collective members own). Those are suggestions.

Any member with a project or existing commercial enterprise which can use help should contact Vic Jasin. We will get the expertise you need within SENVI and voluntarily (pro bono) whenever possible. I will find those interested in doing what is needed. 

Those who are free to provide a service please let me know. Those who commercially offer services, let me know. Those NEEDING services let me know. Those who have read this message, let me know.

Vic Jasin

At least one new call /day

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 26, 2011 at 9:27 PM Comments comments (2)

I am up to 25 members called/contacted by phone. I hope to do 2/day but at least one. The average call duration so far is around 90+ minutes with some over 3hrs. Good talks and it seems most folks are ready for that kind of connection. 

You can't help but find ideas just meeting people of the caliber and talent we have here. If ALL of you make it your SENVI goal to at least to ahve talked by phone with EVERY member once/year that would be a good ideal/goal. I realise that may not be realistic for some, but I'm putting a goal out there for others to consider.

The public knowledge trust in SENVI is special and will become more special over time in terms of it's relevance and significance in actions that bring positive change into our future. This is already an elite group. Don't oversell SENVI. This is quality and talent with the right attitude and the right intentions to make them SENVI community.

You are an elite group my friends and I'm proud to say I know you all and I can only feel stronger and better about that as I speak with you all. Personally this group seems like the right combination at the right time. My plan is to create SENVI as a mark of distinction in some humble regard but authoritatively professional on the outside and casual and small town/family on the inside. That's the goal "I" have.

I would love to hear all others ideas, projects and ambitions. We will find a way to improve or activate your ideas to their successful place.  I plan to write about my calls. There are many modest folks in this group who others would benefit from simply knowing them and their story. Everyone here is SPECIAL in some way as per my reason for inviting you. This is a post and not email because I understand how too much data turns to junk and is a wast of time if not used and presented the way best suited for it's population. Good folks, good ideas and good intentions and good actions. Good place to be.

Consider this - how to use SENVI

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 25, 2011 at 1:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Giving all members administrative security clearance does not mean you are expected to start taking on admin responsibilities. You have FULL access to all I do, and whether you use it, or have others produce things on your behalf, is a personal choice. If you have content you want on and want help doing it then ask me and I'll help myself or find someone who will.

Please, don't let you not having time or a comfort for using site features keep you from asking for help and simply asking questions on how to use what we have as it pertains to your personal circumstances.

I record my outgoing calls by default as well as all Skype calls. The purpose of recording calls is for historical reasons, reference (now you can do searches on audio), and even fully accessible to members to listen to. Consider if you would like to have conversations of yours, or others available to other members to listen to. Call content is the property of the members recorded and I will go on record here as saying I waive all my rights to any recordings with my voice and/or image on it in favour of the other party on the audio/video if and when such things are done.

I do NOT speak on behalf of SENVI. No ONE does, but we ALL do.

I will refrain from making statements in the future about SENVI except to report facts, actions and/or events. Opinion, if and when expressed, is my own.

I expect it to take about 90 days (2 more months) to get up to speed on optimally using features, and get everyone plugged into a support group of interested community volunteers. I (Vic Jasin) will do that.

Wait for your call if you don't have a clue on how to proceed OR better yet YOU call me if you need to, and without hesitation. I welcome all calls and not as a duty, but as a joy and pleasure of meeting you folks and helping solve your problems in trying to solve others problems.

If you could have your own DREAM TEAM to work with, who would they be (anyone living on this planet at this time), for what purpose and when? Let me know and I'll help you get them in SENVI as your center for collaboration of your DREAM TEAM. I can't guarantee we will get everyone you suggest, but I will surely try my best.

Vic Jasin

519 657-4286 (any time after 3pm and no later than 3am, GMT-5hrs a.k.a. EST)

How can we start new projects as SENVI collective

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:59 AM Comments comments (3)

As you may have noticed the site has been getting slower. I have been using Word for my posts everywhere as have others. Well anywhere it has be pasted (word code) that app or page will slow down.

Until we find a solution please only paste from notepad. Use your processor to compose and spellcheck but paste the spell checked document into notedpad then copy the contents in notepad into whatever you need to put text into on the site. Nothing should have input direct from word processor other than Microsoft NOTEPAD or other simple processors (saving in txt format from Word and other processors still leaves code that interferes with site function.

I suggest the speed will be up by tomorrow first thing, at the latest. Bear with us, the site is designed to run MUCH faster.


Vic Jasin

We can fix economic and financial problems now

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:57 AM Comments comments (19)

Debt relief and new spending two key areas to consider manipulating.


None of this is a formal theory or formula and as such each element can be changed or eliminated as needed. The following is a suggested starting point for discussion with the idea that what is proposed is within the realm of not only possibility but probability of happening. Take each on its own to discuss this as the entire issue is too broad to cover in a thread on Facebook. This will be a part of SENVI forum information. We will be discussing these issues there and will be making some serious suggestions and making sure those who can do something with it, get it and/or join our community.


That’s nuts can be your first response but after you ponder it and are ready to ask questions, please do. Answering questions will result in revisions that make sense. Consider both sides of opposing ideas and arguments and then come up with a third choice that considers the other two but is not simply the sum of the other two. Synergy from synthesis, by accommodating contradiction and scepticism. That is the goal of this note as well as to stimulate reaction and hopefully subsequent action of a positive and progressive nature.


Consider this:


Elimination of all interest related debt. Principal only. Profit in lending is eliminated. All debt that exists that has an interest component should be adjusted.


Spending is essential. Public spending on infrastructure at local and regional levels.


Spending on innovation, education, infrastructure and financial equalisation for the unemployed.


Estate divestiture plans where as the owner of capital whether it be in estate form or personal or corporate investment form will not automatically be passed on to designated beneficiaries, but rather to the collective ownership of the region or community.


Where the money comes from for public spending is not simply from taxation but also from injecting more cash into the system (The Fed). International values of currencies should be fixed no market manipulation on the basis of currency demands for trade.


Immediate change toward sustainability, quality, and responsibility in resource management. Profit is not in the formula for assessing priority and need.


Encourage those to find automation to replace themselves. Incentive in that is you get similar or equal pay as before during your life time as a reward for replacing yourself.


Innovation becomes the priority after balancing of basic conditions related to food, health and housing. If you need something to make a discovery and it’s available and it will help humanity then why is money getting in the way? Because our society has made rules that allow for that to happen not because it wouldn’t work any other way.


Price and wage controls would be in place to compensate for cost of living increases (a.k.a. inflation). With controls on both prices and wages we can prevent any possible runaway inflation. Canada has already used price and wage controls as have other countries.


As the need to redistribute income to the technologically unemployed growing numbers approaches the point where managing and maintaining such a mechanism creates more work and complexity, it becomes an ever increasing beuaracracy whose entire purpose is managing the redistribution of currency. Absurd. Those who remain employed can do so voluntarily and have other volunteers substitute for them if needed. That condition is closer to the 2050 time period in my humble opinion. All other related conditions approaching "zero money needed" condition will happen gradually in various ways before then.


There will no doubt be fallout from such drastic measures. Some of these ideas exist within the Zeitgeist movement, The Venus Project, Transfinancial Economics and Resource based economics. If you think this is utopian, pick a POINT and explain why and we can discuss it. This is a serious discussion. Those who want to mock or ridicule will be deleted. No apologies for “editing” civility. It’s called moderation and it is part of how SENVI works.


I hope this starts a discussion or an argument or something, because complacency would be the scariest part. Not because I wrote it and want a response, because the issue is more than you or I or any one personality. This is a social issue affecting us all. SENVI is invitation only. If you know a member ask them about it and get them to invite you. SENVI is a private closed community of innovators and benevolent and responsible activists and those who support them. If you have something to offer the community please let us know about it. It is an action community not a social network and is not open to the public.


Start your own SENVI and or group. offers free web sites. Anyone can organise positive action or better yet, join others when possible as collaboration will be our salvation in all this turmoil.


Vic Jasin

Why join SENVI?

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Why join SENVI?


For members who are reading this, you are welcome to cut and paste this. A link back (url), won't work as this blog is member accessible only.


If you have been invited it was for a reason. The reason is someone thought you had qualities that would complement the community.


As a member the SENVI host (at this time Vic Jasin), will get to know more about each member personally and find out where and how we can be of assistance. What are you interested in sharing or doing for the community? No questionnaires.


We may have celebrities from time to time, but we are private because we are a functional site not a fraternity recruiting for membership. That means we are here for the members. For it to be more than just an idea it will take interaction. SENVI will initiate the interaction and seek to learn where and when we could be of assistance as a community with varied knowledge resources. We can open up as much of this site in whatever way the members choose. There is no set plan.


The initial communication is intended to be a simple and easy way to introduce yourself through a SENVI admin (Vic Jasin) to facilitate introductions and cross discipline sharing. Once SENVI knows it's membership its membership can get to know each other in the simplest path of least resistance method geared to personal need.


You have a team of problem solvers available. You have an ability to use and affect all the major social networks in a safe private community. As a community designed as a collective, no one person has advantage over another.


Our featured members are as a community should be. The leadership in innovation in various fields are those whose lives and purpose is to find answers for our future. We work to support them. Their success is the success SENVI seeks. We win when any of our members win but in particular the work of the featured members.


This translates differently for each member. There is no monetary value to what we do. It's priceless. What is having access to the most innovative minds on the planet worth?


The goal is to make this place as much like a small town community personality as possible. It might be that SENVI could potentially build a town and we could become physical neighbours some day.


Until then we are neighbours in a virtual reality, and in our thoughts and feelings toward one another. SENVI is a refuge not an additional complexity. When you can see it this way, you will have the vision I have for SENVI as its founder.

The difference between SENVI and...

Posted by Victor Jasin on July 12, 2011 at 7:52 AM Comments comments (0)

I have been around to a number of well known philanthropic sites. I have seen many social entrepreneurial sites. And I have seen many NGO sites that are of a humanitarian mission.


One thing that I know is not the same on other places is Vic Jasin. I am your host, not your boss, not your president, not even the owner of the place even though I am. When my enthusiasm and passion for this idea dies down it will be time to replace me. And if Aubrey and Randal have anything to do with it, that could be a long time.


This site will have personality. No policies, rules and dogma. The only RULEs are those that make sense administratively and which the collective membership are in agreement. No politics, no religion, no philosophy BEYOND a dream and ambition for a moneyless society by its founder. That will always be part of the personality of SENVI as long as I'm around.


I want to balance SENVI. We need engineers, chemists, administrators, scientists, economists, academics etc etc. The 10 categories are MY idea of the thought that needs to go into planning for the future. Within those categories we need expertise. Within those categories we need to derive some relevance for a real world model that uses the latest information available to its members.


MY goal and hopefully the communities goal, is to create a sense of cohesion and pride of group over any one self. The synergism of talented experts is our best hope for ideas and solutions for our future. At least that is how I feel in my passionate crusade to form such a knowledge trust.


I hope to get to know each member personally. That is MY best way to serve this community as it's host and founder. Introductions and finding common links in the obscurity of personal detail are my goal. To invite talent that the community wants to join us and make no apologies for wanting a certain standard in the profiles for the community. The profiles of people in SENVI are the profiles of those who will be leading change into the future. That is my goal and dream for SENVI.


Vic Jasin born (Viktoras Lucius Gintaras Jasinskas) to Lithuanian parents in the country of Canada